Applications in Artificial Intelligence

We are on the threshold of an era that will be strongly influenced, and quite possibly dominated, by intelligent problem-solving machines.”
Marvin Minsky

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been evolving and computational power has been increasing, applications for AI have been emerging from NASA's Planetary Rovers until daily applications like Iphone’s Siri. In this Paper I will try to explain how I applied one of the basic algorithms in AI Depth First Search (DFS) to solve a Sudoku puzzle game.

AI is becoming part of everyday life helping us in every field to make better use of technology and information helping us to work smarter, not harder. My solver is a good example. A complex puzzle takes couple of minutes for my solver in the contrary solving the same puzzle for a human could take hours or days.

The methodology used in my solver could be applied to fields like autonomous driving, humanoid robots, image recognition, internet data mining, etc.

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